Cape Khoe Tours was registered a year and a half ago. The directors Gabriel Rhoda,  Johnwin Meyer,  Carvin Petersen and Gillian Wilton have longstanding working relationship and experience in the community development sector. Each of the executive members are in some way or the other aboriginal decendents in search of our ancestoral linage. In South Africa we were taught in school that the Khoe and the San are extinct, only to find out that they are our ancestors. We are now discovering the truth about the gaps in our histories, filling in the missing pieces and restoring the amnesia colonization and apartheid created.

Our business is to offer tours to visit different Khoe and San communities in South Africa.  On our tours we will link up with elders, storytellers, bush doctors, chiefs, rights activists and artists who will share with us firsthand information from Khoe and San decedents from different tribes.. This is also an opportunity to contribute to the companies’ community investment department , which offers community development processes in the communities on the tour route. 

We kindly request your support in our upcoming venture by making a contribution towards our cause. Your generosity will significantly impact our efforts and help us achieve our goals. Thank you for considering our request.

Yours Sincerely
Gillian Wilton (Director Cape Khoe Tours)