Asset Based Community - Led Development

Asset-based community lead development process is about paradigm shifting and changing your view of the world to a more asset-based one. Focusing on what you have and what you know. It builds a person’s awareness of what is around them and challenges negative attitudes and limits poverty consciousness. The process encourages a proactive approach to making your own development and vision happen.

The ABCD approach focuses attention on the strengths and capacities that communities already have and builds from there. The intention is to surface hidden “gifts”, grow appreciation and common vision from which to move forward.

The ABCD approach is based on the beliefs that:

  • meaningful and lasting community change always comes from within
  • every person has capacities, abilities and gifts
  • local residents are experts and key change agents

ABCD promotes collaborative efforts for economic and social development. The intention is to make the best use of the existing resources and ensure that the community is driving the development process.

Ancestral Lines

Gives Khoe descendants an opportunity to catch a ride on a tour to research and look for information that will link them to their ancestral heritage.

Crowd Fund / Donate

Each tour participant will open a crowd fund encouraging people to donate, by participating in the tour they each have already contributed towards CKT community development process in one of the towns chosen by the tour group after the tour and to ancestral lines. Crowd funding will be channeled community development initiatives who have mobilized their asset to grow sustainability in their community.

  • Donate to support an asset based community development process
  • Donate Ancestral linage search
  • Donate to supplement a South Africa who cannot afford the whole cost of the tour