re-live the Khoi Experience​


Our business is to offer tours to different Khoe and San communities in South Africa, also broadening our travels into Southern African neighbouring countries. We will link up with elders, storytellers, bush doctors, chiefs, indigenous rights activists, and artists who will share firsthand information, in an ever-changing world, from Khoe and San decedents.

We acknowledge the Khoe and San as the aboriginal people of southern Africa and our ancestors. The remaining information on our indigenous knowledge systems, cultural and spiritual practices, customary law, and ancient language needs to be cherished, preserved and developed.

We welcome all interested parties to use this opportunity to invest in a trip. Local patrons as well as visitors from abroad are invited to explore with us and to celebrate our first nation identity and are guaranteed to have a rich experience of Africanism by connecting to the ancient ways of the first people in the context of modern-day post-colonial South Africa.

Why do this?

People are interested and come to South Africa asking questions about, what happened to the Khoe and San, the first people, with the oldest bloodline, the starting point of our humanness, from where we all evolved. Visitors arrive with these existential questions about who they are, what life is about, where we come from and come in search of their own humanity. Historically the San and Khoe are known for their most ancient connection to creation, which has guided their spirituality and principles by which to live life in harmony with the sacred design of nature. In South Africa we were taught in school that the Khoe and san are extinct, and only to find out that they were our ancestors. We are now discovering the truth about the gaps in our history filling in the missing pieces and restoring the amnesia it created? When you journey in search of the Khoe and San it is a soul search that will lead you to the ancient indigenous knowledge systems, principles to live life by, culture and spirituality of the first people. A journey into the history of aborigineighty in Southern Africa and what it looks like and means in our current reality and will expose the remaining impact of colonization.  This is also an opportunity to contribute to the companies’ community investment, which offers community development processes in communities on the tour route.  This makes tourism current and relevant is an opportunity to support Khoe and San communities.


A world that remembers, recreates it-self and is healing.


Cape Khoe Tours is a business with a strong social investment arm.

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